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Changshu International Hotel is a wholly-owned state-owned hotel of Jiangnan Group, which is the important reception center, conference center, banquet center and business center in Changshu. The hotel is located next to the beautiful Yushan National Forest Park, which is only a hundred paces away from the ancient Xingfu Temple, enjoying a favorable geographical location. The miles of green mountains in the background and the exquisite gardens landscapes typical in the south of Yangtze River in the foreground shine upon each other, with distinctive natural ecological characteristics. The hotel has a floor area of 140,000 square meters and a building area of 70,000 square meters; 70% of the area is green land, inlaid in the site, which is studded with bridges, crooks, forest trails, flowers and trees, forming very pleasant scenery. It is the ideal place for guests to take business travel, relax mind and body, and enjoy life.


The hotel consists of a 12-storey main building, a banquet center, a conference center and 9 villa buildings of different styles. It has 435 guest rooms of different types, including presidential suites, business suites, deluxe and standard rooms, to meet different needs for reception. It offers both Chinese and Western cuisines, with a focus on Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisines, while integrating the essences of other different cuisines. There are four separate banquet halls: the largest one is Jiangnan Hall, which can accommodate 1,000 people at a time; there are also more than 30 VIP private rooms of different styles, providing personalized services for guests. The multi-purpose conference center with 800 seats can meet the requirements of large-scale conference and theatrical performances. There are more than 30 meeting rooms of different sizes, with the domestic first-class conference reception capacity. The matching recreational facilities can also meet the different needs of guests.


The hotel continuously upgrades and improves the supporting facilities. It now has a total of five floor parking lots, totaling about 10,000 square meters, which can accommodate 500 passenger cars. Both parking and accessing at the hotel are very convenient. Therefore, it is highly favored by self-driving guests.


Relying on the good corporate background, the hotel gives full play to its advantages in scale, business conferences and reception, having successfully completed a large number of hospitality and service projects for national politicians and celebrities including the current Premier Li Keqiang, Standing Committee of the Politburo Liu Yunshan, and former Premier Wen Jiabao. Meanwhile, the hotel has also successfully hosted a number of national and local major events, and therefore enjoys a high reputation in the hotel industry in Changshu.


In the ancient city of Qinchuan, enjoy the meticulous and thoughtful services at Changshu International Hotel.